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Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Successful Photo Shoot

  1. Clean your home of debris on flat surfaces
  2. Make sure all lights are working
  3. Clear counter space
  4. Remove dishes, dog and kid toys, refrigerator magnets
  5. Hide animals bowls and food
  6. Clear counter tops and bars
  7. Make all beds and pick up clothing
  8. Adjust pillows as desired
  9. Remove any personal items you don’t want to appear in pictures(i.e.personal pictures)
  10. Remove any clutter in front yard
  11. Do not park in front of home or driveway
  12. Clean patios and yard(front and back)
  13. Hide trash cans(inside and outside)
  14. Confirm blinds and/or curtains operate properly
  15. Arrange chairs as needed

Closets, the garage, pantries, and secondary bathrooms can be great places to hide belongings.


Upon arrival of the home our first steps will be to turn on all lights and adjust curtains/blinds accordingly.

Visualize holding a camera thru your home, are there any items that you find non-presentable to appear online?

We look forward to photographing your home!


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