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People/Event Photography Includes:

  •   wide angle HD photography with high quality professional equipment.
  •   "behind the scenes" photo editing and enhancement on computer providing the highest quality of images.
  •   high resolution images(for all print needs) and resized low resolution images(for all online needs).  All clients are provided multiple cd's of the photo shoot.



  *****Clients are given Ownership of their images!  This is highly important!*****

Clients do Not pay for additional prints expanding their costs.  ZPhotographyNOLA clients are provided all of their images on cd in High Resolution allowing them to pick and choose their own desires to print.  Our structure allows us to keep your photography cost at a reduced price.



ZPhotographyNOLA prides itself in an ability to adapt and cooperate with its environment, as you will find through our variety of portfolios.  This allows an ability to provide a wide variety of photography services.  We strive to create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for our clients, ensuring customer satisfaction.


Please take the time to view samples of our work and Contact us today with your photography wishes.



*  Pricing structure for People/Event Photography can be subjective to each situation and location.  With competitive pricing and a quality product, clients of ZPhotographyNOLA walk away happy.  Please Contact Us today to discuss how we can add value to your photography needs today!



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